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Engineering & Design

CLIMCO customers make complex products and Climco often supplies one of the most complex subassemblies in that product.

CLIMCO works extremely closely with its customers to incorporate their preferences and to incorporate their lessons learned into a subassembly that integrates seamlessly and cost effectively into the customer’s upper level assembly.


Expertise & Design Tools

  • Magnetic Analysis & Modeling

  • Mold Flow Analysis & Mold Design

  • Material Selection

  • High Temperature Environments

  • Integrated Electronics – speed sensing, circuit protection, LED’s, ...

  • Sub Component Design

  • Terminals for welded, IDC or soldered connections

  • Flux components that are stamped, turned, deep drawn or pressed metal

  • Precision turned end stops, pole pieces, center poles, bodies, contacts, guide bushings

  • Integrated seals, grommets & O-rings

  • Plastic housings, covers, insulators, stress relief & bobbins

Magnetic Modelingw.png
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